Trek-X exists to trek, train, and launch missional believers who share Christ and make disciples among the unreached.

In 2001, they were formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for the purpose of “launching missional students who share Christ & make disciples among the unreached.” Initially that meant just providing all-inclusive mission trips for student groups. They have since expanded their missions pipeline to include journeys that range from 1-week Group Treks, summer internships for college students, a 10-month Gap Year, and full-time missions positions known as Field Reps. Their missions pipeline now extends from middle schoolers to seasoned adults, connecting the local church to the nations, so anyone can respond to the call of cross-cultural missions and be trained & launched to the nations. Their heart and desire are simply to get the Gospel to the 4.5 billion people who have never heard it!

A major part of Trek-X is their LAUNCH Network. This is a collaboration of missional churches who desire to launch their own cross-cultural disciple-makers to the nations by utilizing Trek-X’s unique missions training pipeline to train and launch their own people. These church partnerships empower them to accomplish their mission, and provide the local church with a pipeline to the nations.