Grace Link International Couseling Ministry

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When you come to the humbling realization that you're ready for someone to talk to who might offer clarity, insight, hope and confidentiality,  to whom do you turn?

Blake and Sandra Rymer, the founders of Grace Link International,  have been trusted helpers to hundreds. Their experience spans government service, church and ministry leadership and foreign missions. They have become seasoned vets who can listen and care and offer Christ-centered support for anything you are burdened with.

Discipleship Counseling. Through collaborative relationships with Rivertree church and Summit Crossing Community Church, Grace Link offers Christ-focused, Biblical counseling, coaching and prayer ministry to couples and individuals in every season of life.

Spiritual Transformation. Regularly Grace Link plans and leads Christ-centered conferences and workshops offering proven, mind renewing Biblical truth and providing strength for walking through life with confidence and hope in the face of unexpected challenges. 

Proven Skills-Based Training. Relationships with such organizations as Interpersonal Communications Programs and Family Dynamics Institute qualify us to offer powerful intervention for couples and individuals who desire to deepen their relational intimacy, to strengthen their families, and to practice effective communication patterns in their family, church and work environments.