Young Life

Young Life is a relationship driven outreach ministry to local high school and middle school kids. Started in Texas in 1941, Young Life came to the kids of the Huntsville area in 1971.  For 45 years, adults have been going into the world of kids by showing up at sporting events, practices, lunches and every event imaginable at the schools.  With the philosophy of "earning the right to be heard,” Young Life leaders love on kids in their world just as they are in hopes of being able to share the story of Jesus one day soon.

Young Life also shares the "Greatest Love Story Ever Told" in our weekly "Club Meeting" and via school year weekend camping and summer week long camps.  Club is what many describe as "the best hour of the week.”  On any given night, there will be silly games, fun songs and at the end, a story of Jesus' face to face encounter with a lost person in the Bible.  Young Life's camps are what many refer to as "The Best Week of Your Life."  We may be in Georgia one summer and Colorado the next.  Wherever we are camping, it is always a life changing experience.