Dominican Republic – The Entrekins

Brian and Sissy Entrekin work with Students International to share the gospel and bring long-term, ongoing community development in the Dominican Republic.

Students International strives to reach two distinct groups of people- American high school and college students and the materially poor of the areas where they serve. Their full-time missionaries work in focused vocational environments – such as dentistry, agriculture, micro-finance and education – both to meet physical needs and provide spiritual direction. Students are able to work alongside their full-time missionary staff through short-term outreaches with the intent to build a bridge between cultures. These cross-cultural encounters help outreach participants and the poor understand the value of meeting real needs and building personal relationships through which the Gospel can be shared.

Their overall ministry style is relational and is therefore centered around the long term presence of the staff missionaries within the communities where they have a presence. Their missionaries are intentional on both serving through the gifts and talents of their particular vocations, but also sharing the Good News through word and deed. Over time, they see staff, participants and the poor transformed into the likeness of Christ and discover their true calling.