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Men's Retreat- Moved to Church Campus

Men's Retreat- October 19 & 20
Due to the threat of inclement weather, the men's retreat scheduled for this weekend has been moved to the church campus. The forecast for rain has steadily increased over the past few days to 100% chance of showers in Estillfork beginning Friday afternoon through the evening with 50-80% projections for Saturday. The transition to the Treehouse has necessitated adjustments to the original schedule. Here is the new schedule:

Retreat Schedule
Friday, October 19
6:00- Dinner
7:00- Session One: “The Worth of a Man”
7:45- Session One: Small Group Discussion
8:30- Freetime & Home for the evening

Saturday, October 20
8:00- Doors Open & Breakfast
9:00- Session Two: “The Work of a Man”
9:45- Session Two: Small Group Discussion
10:30- Unorganized Downtime (Feel free to organize team sports, hang out, drink coffee, toss a football, read, play cards, etc.)
12:00- Lunch
1:00- Session Three: “The Walk of a Man”***
1:30- Session Three: Personal Reflection
2:30- Wrap Up & Depart

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If anyone would still like the option of staying on property in a tent, go for it. Some of you laugh in the face of rain. You can pitch a tent in the field between the Treehouse and Corner House.

  • Friday night lends itself for hanging out on the property or going off-site to catch a movie or late night snack. Feel free to connect with other guys and plan something on or off-site.

  • Bring camping chairs, portable fire pits, footballs, basketballs, etc. in case the weather clears up for downtime Friday night or Saturday morning. Games and cards are good options if we need to stay inside. The weather here is fairly unpredictable, so we're trying to plan the best we can for what we know right now.

*The Worth of a Man
The world tells us in so many words “You are what you do.” In other words, your identity, your self-image, your worth is determined by what you do, good or bad. Are you successful, or struggling?  Are you wealthy, or barely scraping by? Are you overcoming temptation, or are you overcome by sin? Then, that’s who you are. But is this actually true? At all? What if our worth isn’t determined by what we do, but by who we are? In this first session, we’ll unpack the powerful truth about our true identity.

**The Work of a Man
When most of us think about our work, we think about our job or career. But in reality, that’s only a small part of our work. We’re also husbands, fathers, grandfathers, friends, disciples, disciple-makers, etc. With so many different roles, different kinds of work, is it possible to do all of our work well? This is one of the reasons most men just focus on career. But it is possible to fulfill all of these roles well. In this session, we’ll unpack the secret of doing our work the way Jesus did.

***The Walk of a Man
In the Old Testament, there’s a story about a guy named Enoch, “who walked with God and was no more.” We know almost nothing about his life, his family, his accomplishments. We only know that he walked with God. That was the single most important part of his life and the only thing Scripture records about him. In this session, we’ll talk about how to walk with God, how to hear Him speak, and how to experience this on a daily basis.

Bruce Martin is serving as our retreat speaker.  Bruce has been a pastor and counselor for 25 years and writes and speaks extensively on hope, mission, the Gospel in culture, marriage stuff, and how to invest our lives in what matters most. More than anything, he wants to help other men live out the Gospel in their everyday lives. He’s the author of “Desperate For Hope: Hanging On and Finding God During Life’s Hardest Times.” In 2003, he started an outdoor adventure ministry called Born 2 Be Wild, and has logged over 4,000 miles in the Appalachian and Sierra Nevada Mountains.  He’s been married to his sweetheart, Marlina Martin, for 34 years. They have a 20-year-old son Zach, a 3-year-old dog Dugg, and reside in Huntsville, Alabama.