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Rivertree Men's Conference

Have you ever thought "Wouldn't it be great if"? These are the "great if" topics we will be covering during the Men's Conference on Friday night, November 17, from 7-9 p.m. and Saturday morning, November 18, from 8-11:30 a.m. Stewart Jordan, our speaker, will be looking at these topics through the lens of God's Word.

If home life had purpose  

If home was a place of victory

If hearts were being reached and changed in your home

If your wife knew that she was your glory

If God could use you to help your wife grow in godliness

If you could come home energized

If you could be gentle when correcting your children

If you could discipline in love

If you could exercise authority in servanthood

If you and your wife could parent by faith and not by works

If you and your wife could be encouragers rather than discouragers to your children

If you could bring purpose and hope into every situation and every day

If you could avoid backing away from the really hard things

If you listened to the Lord through your wife

If the trajectory of your marriage was deeper unity, deeper love, deeper respect, and deeper purpose

If you could know God the Father in ways that fills in the gaps where your father failed

If you knew your family life could help bring healing and truth to confusion and rebellion in our culture

If you could know that marriage and parenting along with work, church, and everything else fit together in Christ to help defeat evil and establish righteousness

If you were truly, completely, and joyfully responsible

If you could know that God – Father, Son, and Spirit – is “all in” and with you in all of this!


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