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Upside Down Kingdom

This fall, students are taking a journey to the mountainside, to sit at the feet of the most dynamic Teacher who ever lived, unpacking the greatest sermon ever spoken by the greatest Person who ever spoke.  

Imagine a world where someone not only shakes things up but turns them upside down. Imagine a place where the powerful are made weak and the weak are made powerful, the rich are poor, the poor are truly rich. Imagine the one who lives in a palace is really homeless, and the one who loses all gains everything. Imagine a world where the most important person hangs out with the social outcasts. Imagine a place where those who are made fun of are actually happy and blessed. Imagine a world where someone redefines everything you know and experience. Imagine a place where people live for something more than themselves, their reputation and their kingdom. Imagine - an Upside Down Kingdom.

Join us Wednesday nights as middle school and high school students study the Sermon on the Mount. Dinner served at 6pm in the Treehouse for $3 followed by worship and devotion at 6:45 and then student life groups from 7:15-8pm. 

For more info, contact or call 256.539.7171

Later Event: August 5
Rivertree Kids School Kick-off