Smith Life Group Multiplication

Smith Life Group Multiplication

We are excited to celebrate the multiplication of Nate & Natalie Smith's Life Group! You're invited to join one of the three new groups starting soon.

Songs For Sunday - July 29

Looking forward to worship tomorrow!  We're singing a new song to open the service, so use the YouTube playlist above to listen up, and come ready to sing!

"Great Things" by Phil Wickham
"No Wonder" by River Valley Worship
"Holy, Holy, Holy (Jesus Reigns)" by Highlands Worship
"Good Good Father" by Chris Tomlin

Songs for Sunday - July 15

Looking forward to worship tomorrow at Rivertree!  We're introducing a great new song called "Hope Has a Name" from River Valley Worship.  Use the playlist above to prepare for worship, and come ready to sing!

"Unstoppable God" from Wake Up the Wonder by Elevation Worship
"Love On the Line" from Open Heaven/River Wild by Hillsong Worship
"Hope Has a Name" from Million Lifetimes by River Valley Worship
"Your Great Name" from Love Revolution by Natalie Grant

Songs for Sunday - April 29

Here's what we'll be singing this Sunday, April 29 in worship at Rivertree and Rivertree South.  Use the YouTube playlist above to begin worshiping through the songs, and come ready to sing this Sunday!

"Majestic" by Lincoln Brewster
"Glorious Day" by Passion
"God With Us" by All Sons and Daughters
"O Come To the Altar" by Elevation Worship

"PG" Sermon Messages - April 29 and May 6

"PG" Sermon Messages - April 29 and May 6

Parents, if your children normally attend worship with you, you may want to read ahead and prayerfully consider the sensitive nature of this week’s teaching.

Puerto Rico Team Return

Please continue to pray for our Puerto Rico team as they travel back home today.  They will arrive back late tonight.  Here's an update from them.

"Throughout the remainder of the week our teams cleaned up yards from tree limbs and fallen debris. While in these neighborhoods the team had been knocking on doors to ask about any specific needs the families may have. We gathered information from the people we served so that local churches could follow up with them and we were able to pray with them. 

A small team also travelled to Catana, Puerto Rico on Wednesday to help a church there put up a wall to finish their sanctuary. The church opened the week before Hurricane Maria hit and their building has still not been repaired. The church meets in the space multiple times per week despite the leaking roof and lack of running water. 

In total the team worked at 12 different residences which all had multiple generations occupying them. We saw neighbors chipping in to help us clear yards and to help remedy drainage problems from the storm. People in the neighborhood showed their appreciation for the team by sharing their fruit, baking cookies, giving us ice cold coke and praying over the team. On the last night we invited all the pastors we served alongside to share a meal with us. We shared our stories from the week and they each spoke about how grateful they were for God sending this team. Pastor Farlin Reynoso said that this team reached people that have been unreachable. “People in Puerto Rico don’t open their doors to strangers but they opened their doors to you and listened.” Wednesday his church had twice as many people at his weekly bible study and he is really excited about some of the new opportunities that unfolded from the work of God’s people this week. 

Thank you for your prayers for the team while they were away answering Gods call. In your daily prayers please remember to pray for the people in Puerto Rico as their lives have not yet returned to normal. They have adapted to a new normal with no traffic lights and intermittent power outages. They live in fear of running out of food and water again. Also please pray for the pastors in Puerto Rico. They all have such passion for their ministries and their hearts are heavy for the salvation of the people in their communities. Pray that God gives them strength to continue to serve and show His restoration." 

Worship Team Auditions

WT Auditions.jpg

The Rivertree worship team will be holding auditions for instrumentalists on Sunday, Jan 28 at 2 PM.  If you play guitar (acoustic and/or electric), bass, keys or drums, and have heart for leading worship with a team of musicians, we'd love to talk with you.

For more information email Steven Barnett at

Songs for Sunday - Jan 21

Looking forward to worship tomorrow!  As you go through the day, use the playlist above to prepare your heart by listening and worshiping through the songs we'll be singing.

"All the Earth" - Vertical Church Band
"Ever Be" - Bethel Music
"Because He Lives" - Matt Maher
"His Mercy Is More" - Matt Boswell