An Update from Warsaw Poland

Dear Church! An update from Warsaw Poland!

Greetings from a place where in 1944 a huge Warsaw Uprising start to bring Hope and the feel of Freedom! We are actually at the same spot where a huge group of young people ( 16-18 and above) went to the city to fight against the nazists Germans! Those young people knew that they will not have chance militarily but the values were the most important to show the spirit of freedom!

So, these days we are spiritually in a fight against the enemy of death and we seriously can feel it. Our Americans friends from Kings Kids El Paso went through so many challenges as far as broken legs and other weird syndromes that we had to send one girl to the military base hospital in Germany!

But God is doing as well amazing things around us! The 300 young people from Germany, Poland, USA, and Egypt are ready to share the love of our precious Jesus Christ!

We had a week of teaching and heart prep to GO! It was an amazing experience to see not only my own daughters jumping in the deeps of relationship with Jesus but as well other teens and youth! We were able to teach about hearing God's voice and encourage the young people to be obedient.

This week we spread 22 teams around Warsaw where they do ministry around people from different backgrounds! We as well sent a team to Brno I Czech Republic where they work and try to rise up Kings Kids again and to a little town called Namyslow where they serve at a punk- rock festival serving breakfasts and sharing Jesus' forgiveness!

Church thank you for support - we need a lot of Prayers for protection and favors!

We already were able to Bless a few Mayors , War survivors, and other important people of Warsaw!

It is amazing God is doing new things among our youth !