Proudly Serving HOPE Coffee

Drinking coffee changes lives!


A simple cup of coffee takes nearly a year of cultivation as the beans are harvested, roasted, and brewed to become an enjoyable part of our daily routine. In much the same way, it takes time to cultivate relationships that lead to lives being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Every cup of coffee you drink helps to advance the Gospel in the very communities where the beans are grown.

HOPE Coffee was launched in 2009 by Mark Fittz, a missionary in Honduras, who created a flavorful souvenir for short-term missionaries who wanted to take a “piece” of Honduras home with them. Fittz’ desire was to use the profits to help those in need both physically and spiritually. That first year, God allowed the net profit of HOPE Coffee to meet the water and shelter needs for over 30 families. More importantly, many Hondurans heard the gospel story and nearly 20 trusted Christ! 

Our partnership with HOPE Coffee now allows the seed of the gospel to be planted and watered through shelter and water projects in Honduras and Mexico. Praise God that He has caused this seed to grow into eternal salvations for 70 people who have chosen to trust in Jesus Christ since 2011. When you choose to drink HOPE Coffee, the profit from your purchase goes back to the countries that produced the coffee. HOPE Coffee works with local churches in Honduras and Mexico to support clean water, building, and repair projects. The goal? Demonstrate in a very real way the love of Jesus to those in need.

If you haven’t already tried a cup of HOPE Coffee, please stop by for a cup on Sunday. We are serving HOPE bold and decaf, and will continue to serve the Toasted Southern Pecan for those who have come to love that flavor.