"PG" Sermon Messages - April 29 and May 6

1 Cor PG.jpg

One of the larger themes that Paul is developing throughout 1 Corinthians is the uniqueness of the Church.  God's people, the saints, exist within a special community and a distinct culture.  Paul's letter to the Corinthians highlights actions, lifestyles, and mentalities that no longer fit with the new identity of being in Christ.  Protecting the unique character and unity of the church is Paul's hope.  As we finish the last part of chapter 6 and into chapter 7, we read that our new life in Christ is not just spiritual but physical and communal.  What we do with our bodies matters spiritually.  Teachings about sexual immorality and marital intimacy are highlighted in this section of God's Word.  

The "PG" rating for April 29 and May 6 is intended to give parents a heads up regarding the sermon content.  Paul mentions "not uniting with a prostitute" and that "the husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband."  To read these scriptures and then teach the principles will require some care with a diverse audience.  Parents may decide that one of the supporting Sunday morning ministries, children's or middle school ministries, is a better fit for their child on these two Sundays than attending our worship gathering.  This section of Scripture is very important and contrasts many cultural messages of our day but we also want to inform families when covering sections of Scripture like this and give you a chance to make the best decision for your child.