Greetings from Poland


Hi there! Greetings from Poland!

I just want to encourage you to encourage other people to Go to Mission!

Just recently talk to a person whose way with Jesus started because of a small team from Rivertree. It was 2013 in Warsaw, Poland.

We did not know where we can go, but praying and seeking God, we were able to meet a local government person who helped us without checking our papers. When she realized that our King's Kids Foundation is Christian was too late! So she was really scared that somebody from the officials will be doubting her choices without knowing us, but the lady who was in charge wasn't at this time at work, so she as her vice made that decision!

We have been praying for her a lot without knowing that 2014 would be the worst year in her life ... she was about to commit suicide, but somehow she remember us ... a little bit. But God sent some believers to a place where she didn't expect...

In 2015, she became a follower and since that her mom, 78, recently baptize and her brother-in-law and her sister became Christians!

Here we are in 2018 and we are working with her again because God just reconnect us, and she was able to talk to the mayor of the district in Warsaw and wants to help us to find facilities for 350 young Christians from Germany, USA, and Czech Republic who will serve Warsaw this summer by missions!

We were able to talk after a few years and listen to what God did in her life! Everything starts with a little VBS. 

God is an awesome GOD!