Puerto Rico Team Update

Please continue to pray for our Disaster Relief Team in Puerto Rico as they have three more days to serve.  

Here's an update from the team:

"Today we worked as two teams named after the Church's we are helping. (Team Santurce and Team Oasis). 

Team Santurce built a wall and a library area at the church where we worshipped Sunday. This church has a large food ministry so we purchased some shelving and helped them organize their food storage area. They were preparing over 150 meals a day after the hurricane and continue to feed those in need. 

Team Oasis reported to duty at Oasis Baptist Church to receive their jobs for the day. They worked with multiple residents to remove large fallen trees, pressure washed homes and cleaned up at 5 different yards throughout the day. At each home we were able to pray over the families and in some cases they prayed over us. 

Some of the quotes from the day include, 'y'all are God's gift to me.' 'I have been praying for God to send someone to help.'  'My house is your house.' 'You are an answer to our our prayers.' 'You are my family now.'"