An Introduction to the CBR Journal

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CBR Goals 

To commune with God.

To grow in Community.

To know the Scriptures.

Our hope is that the CBR Journal will help you to grow deeper in your walk with God as you approach scripture reading as communication with Him rather than a chore or burden. We also hope that you'll find it easy to share and discuss your insights with others who are following the same reading schedule.

In light of the goals for The CBR Journal, the Journal is
designed to guide you through Four Movements each morning:
1. SURRENDER through Prayer.
2. LISTEN to the Scriptures.
3. PRAY through your Pen.
4. PREPARE for Gospel Community.
— Introduction to CBR Journaling

Take a few minutes to read the Introduction at the front of your Journal for an explanation of the layout and suggestions for how to make the Journal your own.

CBR Journal.jpg