Shifting Culture with Shirts/Ties

Lincoln Village is helping coordinate an incredible opportunity to participate in "shifting culture."  Please see this request below.

The assistant principal at Lee is trying to start something up at Lee and asked if any churches would be able to help. He's trying to shift the culture at Lee with a movement he's calling, "Generals Gentlemen". (Lee High Generals) The vision is for every male student to wear a shirt and tie on Tuesdays as a way of boosting self-image, self-esteem, and, prayerfully, overall school/academic performance.  He wants to start out by outfitting the football team and some other clubs and grow it from there. He's asking for 100 shirt/tie combos.   Will you pray and see if this is something you want to/can partner with Lee in?

If you would like to contribute towards this financially or by donating some tie/shirt combos, please contact our Missions Pastor at