Awe & Wonder

Surrender: Father, You are worthy of all praise, Maker of everything good. May I receive Your Word today with a fertile and expectant heart.

Adoration: Father, Holy and Righteous One, You are worthy of ALL praise, my praise. You care so deeply and are so holy that Your purity is incomparable! 

Confession: Please forgive me for not living in the reverence, awe & power of your holiness. It is too easy to be casual and not holy-minded.

Thanksgiving: Thank you that Your righteousness lives in me, and because of the blood of Jesus, I live in Your Kingdom. You give me courage.

Supplication: As I seek Your desires, cause my heart to be so fixed on You that I do not turn to the right or to the left, that I take courage as Jesus & Paul did, to walk each day according to what pleases You.

I stand in awe & wonder as I read in 1 Kings 16 of kingdoms rising and falling. I thought of this as another list of lineage, a sad lineage, a depressing list. But God, You keep bringing to mind of how You have the power to have kingdoms rise and fall because of Your righteousness and holiness.  Kingdoms rise and fall by the power of Your good hand!  You desire for me to dwell with You, in Your perfect righteousness -WOW!  You give me a choice of whether I am going to choose to live in a way that pleases You or not.  That is an amazing thought that You, the perfect, holy and totally pure God have called me to dwell (live, breathe & move) with You. Not just to live day to day, but to abide in the fullness of Your kingdom here on earth.  You have the power to make kingdoms rise and fall according to how people's hearts are set towards You because You desire the best!

You are holy. May I not take my sin lightly, as a trivial thing as in 1 Kings 16:31. It affects me, those around me, and most importantly, it is not life in You.  Your desire for me is that my heart be fully set on You.  You are so holy that no sin, darkness or evil can have any part with You.  God, I pray that the thoughts in my mind, the meditations of my heart, and the words of my mouth be pleasing to You.  Because of the atoning blood of Jesus who resides in me, I can dwell in confidence with You in Your kingdom here and now.  You are my righteousness.  Thank you God that I live in Your Kingdom here and now, forever and eternal!

Christ is my righteousness (Rom 3:23-26; 10:4), and He lives in me (Rom 8:10).  I stand amazed in awe and wonder of You!