Differently Than Nazareth

As I read Luke 4, I am saddened by the fact that Jesus is not believed in his hometown of Nazareth. I wonder if Nazareth was a place Jesus thought to be special with memories of growing up.  He has to silence the demons from telling others that He is the Son of God. God’s Word reveals the contrasts of Jesus and this world – that he would silence demons yet the residents in his hometown would not believe in him.

Adoration: How incredible to think that Jesus has the power and authority to silence demons from shouting, "Hallow be His Name." Yet, we know from his word that the stones would cry out and praise him (Luke 19:40) because He is God and worthy of our praise.

Confession: I am reminded that the demons fear Jesus, and as a result, they shout his name.  Yet, there have been times I have remained silent because of fear. That is simply me protecting my glory which doesn’t belong to me anyway.

Thanksgiving: I am thankful that Jesus loves me enough to not leave me as an orphan (John 14:18) and gave me the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to me. I am grateful to have a Savior who encourages me to let go of that failure through confession so that I may have the boldness to respond differently.

Supplication: Only Jesus would love me enough to supply me with an advocate, teacher, helper and truth-teller for whatever comes my way.  I pray that He will either speak boldness through me or SHUT my mouth when appropriate. I am reminded of a song called, "Fool for You" by Nichole Nordeman.  "I would be a fool for you just because you asked me to.  You came and made yourself a fool for me." I pray I will always have the courage to Hallow His Name.

By: Vickie Rigsby