Two Asia Teams

UPDATE: Friday, November 10 - Please pray for our two Asia teams as they begin their journey home today. Pray that the four flights they will take will be smooth and restful and thank the Lord for all He has done these past two weeks.

UPDATE: Thursday, November 9 - Our two teams reconnected yesterday in the Valley. Please pray for them as they travel back to the city and begin to debrief. Pray they will be able to process well all that God has shown them. Pray also for their flight today.

UPDATE: Tuesday, October 31 - The team arrived safely with all their bags. They are doing well. Please pray for a good night's rest in preparation for tomorrow's trek to the mountains.

Rivertree is sending two teams on a vision trip to South Asia. The first team of 6 leaves Sunday and will be traveling to the mountains for two weeks to consider a new missions partnership. The second team of 3 will be leaving on Wednesday to work with a potential new missions partner in the valley. Please pray for these two teams!

-Pray for safety as these teams travel.

-Pray for good health and stamina.

-Pray they would have eyes to see all that God wants to show them.

-Pray for the people they will encounter to have open hearts to hear and receive.