New Sermon Series "Steadfast"

This Sunday, September 11, we will begin a new sermon series, a look at the Old Testament book, Ruth.  We are calling this series "Steadfast."

Ruth is one of the best short stories ever written.  The characters quickly pull you into a tale of hardship and rescue, of what seems like coincidences but point to something more.  When we discover the biblical themes in the book of Ruth we gain insight into the very way God works.  As you are navigating the ups and downs of your own life and wonder if God is present, Ruth reminds us of our God's steadfast love and faithfulness.  He is doing more than we know.

You are invited on this journey with us as we examine God's faithfulness.  There are four worship services each Sunday @ Rivertree. 

8:00am, 9:15am, and 10:40am in the Worship Center
and a smaller more intimate venue
The Treehouse @ 9:15am.
A light breakfast is served in the Treehouse beginning at 8:45am.