Discussion Questions

Here are the discussion questions for today's sermon "Mystery of the Faith" based on 1st Timothy 3:14-16.

  1. What might the church look like if we didn’t have any written expectations in God’s Word for how the church should function and what the church should look like?
  2. In what ways is Rivertree a “household” or “family” of God?  In what ways is it not?  Are there times when your Life Group feels like a family?  How can you love each other more like a family?
  3. Discuss if you’ve seen the community/family of God be attractive to those outside the church?  Do you think this ever draws people to check out church for the first time?  What was attractive at first to you about Rivertree?
  4. How does the church today “pillar the truth?”  How is the church today not upholding the truth?
  5. How can your group pillar/uphold, protect, and proclaim the Gospel of Christ this week?