Worship One/Serve One

When we opened the doors to Rivertree Church on Taylor Road almost six years ago, we began with two services from the beginning.  We wanted to give everyone who was here the opportunity to be a part of the worship gathering.  We knew from past experiences that not everyone would have the opportunity to join us for worship each week if we only had one service because they could potentially be serving in another area of ministry that day.

We believe that it is important to engage in worship with the family of God each week.  We have opportunity to exalt, praise, thank, adore and express love to the God who has rescued and adopted us through Jesus’ saving work on the cross.  It’s a time to engage and a time to be encouraged and connected.

We also believe it’s important to serve this family of which we are a part.  We express hospitality to newcomers and folks who call Rivertree home.  We care for and teach children, students and adults.  We lead the family of God in worship.  We do all of this every Sunday, so everyone has the opportunity to worship and serve the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:12-27).

And here we are almost six years later worshiping and serving together across four weekly worship gatherings.  Last year we gave this idea a name.  Worship One, Serve One.  In the coming weeks, you’ll hear more about why we believe this is so important and how you can get involved if you aren’t already.  

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about the ministries in which you serve on Sundays during a very special lunch on June 26.  It’s a chance to explore a ministry in which you might be interested, ask questions and even see where you’re gifted if you’re not sure.

I lead the worship and creative arts ministry at Rivertree.  Our role in Worship One, Serve One looks a little different because we serve in all of our services on the weeks we’re scheduled.  We jokingly call it Worship Three/Serve Three.  If you’re interested in the worship and creative arts ministry, I would love to see you at lunch on the 26th.

Regardless of where you’re gifted, I encourage you to pray and see how you might Worship One and Serve One at Rivertree!