a note from Ross

I really enjoyed the W1S1 lunch on Sunday and all those who came.  I saw people that were new to the church looking for a way to get involved and some that were already involved in ministry exploring new passions and needs.  The main Sunday morning campus ministries all had a moment in the spotlight as staff and key volunteers shared a little about their ministry.  

  • Worship ministry shared ways to get involved from being on stage to behind the scenes and highlighted a new baptism and Lord's supper team forming.  
  • Student ministry reminded us not to be scared of teenagers and that their ministry is the perfect mix of theology and fun.  It is one of our ministries doing great things not only Sunday mornings but throughout the week.  
  • Guest Services made us all feel welcomed by providing a great lunch for the day and letting us know that if you want to meet others and help create a great first impression at Rivertree then you are needed.  
  • Children's ministry highlighted how volunteering leads to special friendships with the ones you service with and how partnering with parents is this ministry's strategy.  Our Sunday morning gathering happens within a larger community of young families in our area and kids are a priority at Rivertree.
  • Finally, CJ started conversations with some about exploring their spiritual giftedness.  God has given us all a manifestation of the Spirit for the common good and CJ has some resources available to anyone who is exploring.  

There will be more W1S1 lunches to come but in the meantime, let us help you find a way to get involved  and join in on the great things being done at Rivertree on Sundays.