Do you cook or clean up?

When you have a big family gathering do you cook or clean up?

You learn over the years of big family meals that there is typically a crew that prepares the meal and then others clean up afterwards.  I am always tempted to eat the meal my wife made and find my way into another room to watch the football game but I've found that my help is always appreciated. 

Worship One Serve One brings to light the opportunity for everyone to be family.  The idea is to take the time to worship in one of our corporate gatherings and also find a way to serve in another hour in one of the Sunday morning ministries. Through serving, we bless one another. 

Someone prepares hot coffee for the worship team.
A Rivertree member greets at the door.
A teacher heads to the children’s hallway. 
A student leader finds time to hang with kids. 

What begins to take shape is a group people being family and helping out where there is a need.  1 Corinthians 12 reminds us that we have all been given something by the Spirit of God for the common good.  I love that.  Each person has something to offer, something that will bless others.  

You are part of the family.

Follow this link to learn more about finding your place to serve. W1S1

Ross Jaeger
Elder/Lead Pastor