Why call it "Trustworthy"?

Have you been wondering why the new sermon series walking through the book of 1st Timothy is titled "trustworthy?" Here is an explanation from our lead pastor, Ross.

Our new teaching series through 1 Timothy is called "Trustworthy."  Trustworthy means that something is able to be relied upon, that it is dependable.   Throughout this letter to Timothy, Paul offers many thoughts about faith that he says are trustworthy statements.  Paul is telling us that we really can rely and lean on them.  What is also compelling is that Paul recognizes that he has been entrusted with these truths and is now passing them on to Timothy.  God found an enemy of the early church, Paul, and changed him into an apostle.  Paul mentored a young man, Timothy, who was still learning  to lead.  The kinds of people that have been entrusted with the gospel and deemed "trustworthy" truly express God grace.  If you have heard the gospel of Jesus and believed, then you too carry the most amazing message and have been found trustworthy.