Six from Rivertree to Uganda

Rivertree is sending a short-term mission team to serve alongside our mission partner Sixty Feet and the offspring organization Hope International School June 20-June 30.  The cost of this trip is approximately $3000 per person, and consists of six believers who are passionate about what Christ is doing in Uganda.    

Sixty Feet is a mission partner of Rivertree and through the faithful giving of the people of Rivertree we are able to send monthly support to this ministry.

This church support does not cover the cost for persons to take this mission trip.  You can support this team by making a donation through our online giving portal. Click the button below to access the giving portal and then choose "Missions/Uganda June 2016 trip" from the drop down menu. In the notes section you can indicate which team member you are giving support to.


Sixty Feet ministry serves six different facilities known in Uganda as "remand centers." These places are essentially prisons for children. The facilities are overcrowded, understaffed and underfunded. While some of the children who live in the remand homes are guilty of various crimes, many are not.  Some remand homes function as drop-off facilities for street beggars.  Other children have been rounded up by the police; they are unwanted step-children; they are refugees fleeing war-torn countries in Africa; they are handicapped and disabled orphans that no orphanage will accept.  Sixty Feet also collaborates with other like-minded organizations and schools in operation in Uganda to best utilize resources, education, and assistance in helping children in need. 

The team will also be working with the students and teachers at a village school in Bwerenga called Hope International School.  This school was started by a family who was fostering children released from prison that had nowhere else to go.  Since then, it has grown to over 207 students and 8 teachers.  Thank you for partnering with us in spreading the gospel as we fulfill the mission of Rivertree Church-- to Gather, Grow, and Go!