Digging Deeper into the sermon: "Keeping the Status Quo"

What did the religious leaders fear when they sentenced Jesus to death? 

They feared that Jesus would change everything.  

I realize my own reluctance to change, to find middle ground and stay there.  I like the idea of change but I am more comfortable with small adjustments and with Jesus helping me do my life a little better.  The religious leaders knew things were going to be very different just by the claim Jesus made of being God in the flesh.  The middle ground was gone with God in our midst.  Life would or should never be the same again.  Right? 

Tim Keller said, "you cannot like Jesus, you must kill him or crown him." 

Although the religious leaders did the wrong thing by seeking Jesus’ death, they at least understood the weight of Jesus’ words.   To keep the status quo, Jesus would have to go. 

How are you being changed by the weight of Jesus’ words? 

Crown Jesus and let your life be truly altered by His divinity and majesty.

-- Ross

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