A sermon follow-up

How do you know when keeping the peace may keep people from Jesus?

When is avoiding conflict keeping something new and better at a distance? 

N.T. Wright wrote this about struggle the High Priest, Caiaphas, had with Jesus.

“Caiaphas had a clear mission - Keeping the peace with Rome, keeping the mob happy, keeping trouble makers away during a time of Passover. With Jesus, people were finding an experience that rivaled the Temple. People heard God’s Word with authority, healings, celebrations, sins forgiven. They found themselves in the presence of God. It was something that they had only experienced at the Temple or when the Torah/ God’s Word was open. But now it wasn’t something they had to go to - it had come to them - in Jesus. Jesus did talk about the Temple. Jesus could see that the Temple had come to represent the wrong direction for Israel. The Temple had become a place to get away from the world, a place removed, and separate - rather than a place for the world, a gathering of salt and light - to bless the world.”

Consider that an area of conflict and change is often an opportunity to experience something more of Jesus.

These were some thoughts I considered while studying for and following the sermon "A Rush To Judgement."

Look for my next post on “Keeping the Status Quo”

-- Ross