House at Lincoln Village


Rivertree has just helped one of our local Mission Partners, Lincoln Village, purchase a house directly behind Lincoln Academy!  God has provided the opportunity for us to partner with Lincoln in the purchase and renovation of this home as it's one of the last un-renovated houses in the neighborhood where they work and serve.  Over the course of the next few months, we would like to raise the finances and mobilize teams to turn this house into a home!

We need donations and volunteers!  If you're able to help financially, you can give online here or by check (designate "Missions/General" and then put "Lincoln Home" in the memo line).  We also need volunteers over the next few weeks to help renovate the home!  If you can sling a sledge hammer, sweep, paint, or if you have more specific skills (electrical, plumbing, etc...), we need you!  Please email our Missions Pastor at to find our about our upcoming work days.

Lincoln Village Preservation Corporation (LVPC) was formed in 2002 and has two main areas of service: Lincoln Academy (LA) and Lincoln Village Ministry (LVM). Through both of these areas, LVPC provides opportunities for improved living conditions, access to personalized education and enrichment, and general aid to the Lincoln Community. The vision of LVPC is that the lives of all families and communities would be redeemed and transformed by the ongoing power of Christ through the body of believers.

LVPC serves the community of the Lincoln Mill area now called Lincoln Village. In this community, poverty is widespread with women and children being disproportionately affected. These disadvantaged children face daily obstacles including physical, emotional, social, and psychological hardships. By making a long term commitment to this community and by participating in every aspect of life, LVPC desires to break the bonds of generational poverty and transform lives for Christ.

Under LVPC’s leadership, they currently have purchased and refurbished over 20 historical properties within the Lincoln Mill Village area to provide safe and affordable housing for residents of the area. They have also purchased the Lincoln School building and started a private school for the children of the neighborhood. Their scope of work encompasses a wide variety of areas within the community. They attempt to meet Lincoln Village residents’ spiritual, educational, medical and housing needs, as well as provide support in a variety of other areas. They have built strong relationships and continue to seek ways to revitalize and bring God’s redemption to this community.

Could You Join Our Poland Mission Trip?

Are you interested in joining our next mission trip to Poland?  This trip is the first week of August and the team will help host a family camp outside the city of Warsaw.  If you're interested in joining, we are planning an interest meeting this Sunday, March 4.  For more information about the meeting and to let us know you are considering joining this team, please email our Missions Pastor at


Puerto Rico Team Return

Please continue to pray for our Puerto Rico team as they travel back home today.  They will arrive back late tonight.  Here's an update from them.

"Throughout the remainder of the week our teams cleaned up yards from tree limbs and fallen debris. While in these neighborhoods the team had been knocking on doors to ask about any specific needs the families may have. We gathered information from the people we served so that local churches could follow up with them and we were able to pray with them. 

A small team also travelled to Catana, Puerto Rico on Wednesday to help a church there put up a wall to finish their sanctuary. The church opened the week before Hurricane Maria hit and their building has still not been repaired. The church meets in the space multiple times per week despite the leaking roof and lack of running water. 

In total the team worked at 12 different residences which all had multiple generations occupying them. We saw neighbors chipping in to help us clear yards and to help remedy drainage problems from the storm. People in the neighborhood showed their appreciation for the team by sharing their fruit, baking cookies, giving us ice cold coke and praying over the team. On the last night we invited all the pastors we served alongside to share a meal with us. We shared our stories from the week and they each spoke about how grateful they were for God sending this team. Pastor Farlin Reynoso said that this team reached people that have been unreachable. “People in Puerto Rico don’t open their doors to strangers but they opened their doors to you and listened.” Wednesday his church had twice as many people at his weekly bible study and he is really excited about some of the new opportunities that unfolded from the work of God’s people this week. 

Thank you for your prayers for the team while they were away answering Gods call. In your daily prayers please remember to pray for the people in Puerto Rico as their lives have not yet returned to normal. They have adapted to a new normal with no traffic lights and intermittent power outages. They live in fear of running out of food and water again. Also please pray for the pastors in Puerto Rico. They all have such passion for their ministries and their hearts are heavy for the salvation of the people in their communities. Pray that God gives them strength to continue to serve and show His restoration." 

Puerto Rico Team Update

Please continue to pray for our Disaster Relief Team in Puerto Rico as they have three more days to serve.  

Here's an update from the team:

"Today we worked as two teams named after the Church's we are helping. (Team Santurce and Team Oasis). 

Team Santurce built a wall and a library area at the church where we worshipped Sunday. This church has a large food ministry so we purchased some shelving and helped them organize their food storage area. They were preparing over 150 meals a day after the hurricane and continue to feed those in need. 

Team Oasis reported to duty at Oasis Baptist Church to receive their jobs for the day. They worked with multiple residents to remove large fallen trees, pressure washed homes and cleaned up at 5 different yards throughout the day. At each home we were able to pray over the families and in some cases they prayed over us. 

Some of the quotes from the day include, 'y'all are God's gift to me.' 'I have been praying for God to send someone to help.'  'My house is your house.' 'You are an answer to our our prayers.' 'You are my family now.'"

Puerto Rico Team Departure

Please pray for the Rivertree team of 11 people who left early this morning to be a part of the disaster relief in Puerto Rico!

We are accepting donations towards the relief efforts. The team will need to buy construction items and relief supplies once they arrive in Puerto Rico.  If you would like to give, please make a donation to Rivertree and specify "Missions/General" with "Puerto Rico Relief" in the memo line. You may also donate here.

Thank you for your prayers for Puerto Rico, this team, and donations toward the relief efforts!