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The Community Bible Reading (CBR) Journal is a tool designed to encourage the growth of believers in a lifestyle of receiving daily nourishment from the Bible.  This resource helps develop or continue the discipline of reading the Bible for the purpose of knowing Jesus and engaging in community interaction throughout the day.  The journal includes a reading plan for the 2018 year.  By reading one New Testament chapter every weekday, participants will read the entire New Testament every year.  By reading one Old Testament chapter every weekday and a Psalm each Saturday, participants will read through the entire Old Testament every three years.  There is room in the journal to write reflections and prayers as well as specific truths you may want to share with your friends to encourage them and point them to Jesus. 

Rivertree would like to give you a copy of the 2018 CBR Journal.

Stop by the GROW table in the church lobby on December 31 to pick up your free gift.