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Adult Discipleship

Helping One Another Know Jesus
By Sharing the Gospel and Our Lives

Rivertree believes that discipleship is about relationships and happens within the context of relationships. We have the opportunity to be part of one another’s discipleship as we help one another know Jesus by sharing the gospel and our lives. Below, you can read about several different ways to develop meaningful relationships and pursue discipleship at Rivertree.



Life Groups

Life Groups serve as one of our primary environments for adult discipleship.  Involvement in this ministry helps individuals continue to experience deeper levels of Christian community beyond initial connections made on Sunday morning.  Life Groups are small groups of 10-12 people involved in one another's discipleship.  They are open groups that meet in various places and at various times throughout the week for the purpose of discipleship, care and encouragement.

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D-Groups are gender-based discipleship groups made up of 3-5 men or women. These groups serve as our most intimate environment for discipleship and mission. This ministry exists to help individuals experience deep friendships and spiritual growth through closed groups that process a 24-lesson curriculum.  The curriculum covers what we believe to be fundamentals of discipleship and helps equip group members to make other disciples.  D-Groups serve as a place for you to be vulnerable and transparent about what is going on in your life and discover how to walk with God each day regardless of your circumstances. Groups meet for one year before members are encouraged to start new groups.