Rivertree Downtown


One of Rivertree’s core values is “Pursuing What’s Next,” by which we long to see the Kingdom advance until Christ returns for His Church. In 2018, God presented our body with an extraordinary opportunity to live out this core value in a new way. God had been working in the lives of the congregation at Southside Baptist Church, a church that had ministered to the Huntsville community for over 65 years, as they sought His direction for the next steps of their church. As part of this discernment, Southside elders reached out to elders at Rivertree to come alongside the Southside body, pray with them, and advise them as they sought God’s will. It was during this time that the leadership of both churches began to wonder if fulfilling the Great Commission could more effectively be accomplished in collaborative ways. 

Over the following months of meeting and praying, it became clear to the leadership of both churches that God was calling them to a new and very different work. It would be a work that would provide everyone the opportunity to dream, pray, and seek how they will be empowered as God advances His Kingdom downtown. 

On April 7, 2019, the Southside Baptist Church congregation agreed with their leadership that joining Rivertree was their next step of faith and the direction God was leading; and on April 28, Rivertree’s membership voted an overwhelming ‘yes,’ to receive Southside Baptist Church and its assets. 

We have used the term ‘adoption,’ to describe this special work of God. We believe God has given us the opportunity to bring another chair to the table; to begin a season of ministry together that makes the beauty of adoption a reality. 

Rivertree will re-launch the former Southside campus as Rivertree Downtown in early 2020, following a period of renovations and ministry planning. We believe that both the Hampton Cove and Downtown fellowships are going to grow and connect the unchurched and de-churched, and see young and old give their lives to Christ. 

We hope you’ll join us for our Sunday gatherings at 9:00 or 10:30 a.m. at our Hampton Cove or Rivertree South locations. At Rivertree, we believe each person has value because they were created by God. If you’re interested in learning how you can be a part of this new Kingdom work, visit the Next Steps page of our website, or fill out a Comm Card in the chair in front of you on Sunday morning. We hope you’ll feel welcome here, stay awhile, and discover how you fit in this fellowship.