About Us


"Helping one another know Jesus by sharing the Gospel and our lives".

Rivertree has always been a special fellowship.  Our members come from a range of denominational backgrounds- something in which we value.  We make every effort to keep unity for there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and in all (eph. 4:3-6).  We have established a common ground of core beliefs.  With non-essential beliefs, we have freedom and learn from each other while prayerfully holding on to what is good.

Our elders watch over the fellowship through teaching, pastoral care, and prayer.  They are mature believers responsible for the direction and protection of the church.  Each member uses their abilities and gifts to serve the church from being on staff to various volunteer positions.  Everyone in our fellowship is called to lead and to serve in a unique way.  When everyone discovers how they fit within the family, the church is vibrant and most effective.


Our core beliefs declare that there is only one God that has eternally existed in three persons.  Jesus Christ is the second person of the Trinity and came to earth and modeled a perfect life of obedience.  His death on the cross and resurrection changed the world and now provide forgiveness of sins to all who come by faith.  Although He was fully God, He was also fully man and is the only mediator between God and man.  The Scriptures give eyewitness accounts of this and are authoritative and true.  From Genesis to Revelation, the great redemptive movement of God centers around Jesus to save man from himself and the consequences of sin and bring man back to a restored relationship with our Creator.  The salvation of mankind is a God initiative and a work of grace as the Holy Spirit takes up residence in all believers.  Those who have been rescued by God join a new and lasting family called the Church and continue the cause of Christ.

(For a more in-depth look at our core beliefs, contact our church office or attend a Discover Class)


Being Christ Centered:

Knowing Jesus is the only way we can know God.

Believing People Matter:

Each person bears the image of God, giving them intrinsic worth, and are made to reflect the glory of God.  

Sharing Life Together:

God moves isolated people into a Christ-centered community for the benefit and growth of all.

Serving Others First:

Becoming more like Jesus means that we all learn to put others first and serve.

Pursuing What's Next:

Rivertree longs to see the Kingdom advance until Christ returns for His Church, so we encourage each person to move closer to reflecting the complete image of Christ in every area of life.

(For a more in depth look at our core values contact our church office or attend a Discover Class)

Rivertree Staff

We have an incredible staff team that is here to serve the church and the community. Go to our Staff page to learn more.

Our Elders

Throughout the New Testament elders are synonymously called pastors, bishops, and overseers. Elders are men chosen for their ministry according to clear biblical requirements. Elders are nearly always spoken of in plurality because God intends for more than one man to lead, rule, protect, and care for His church. The qualifications of an elder are listed in two primary places (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). Rivertree elders have the duties to pray and study the Scripture, rule and lead the church, care for and shepherd the fellowship, teach, preach, minister to the sick, protect the church from false teaching, and bring guidance and discipline.